Saturday, November 12, 2011

Wet n Wild Ice Baby Collection swatches!

I am SO excited that I found these in my local Walgreens today. I've seen a couple of posts about them, but not too many, so I'm glad I get to be in on it before everyone I know is posting about them!

Ice Baby is the Wet n Wild holiday nail polish collection. They are all glitters with a wide range of colors from blue to red to purple to gold. There are 8 polishes in the collection and retail at 2.99 per polish. I have all of them to share with you today!

This is the first swatch run I did, but I decided to do another round of each color side by side for comparison. Read more for those swatches!
When I wear a severely glittery nail polish, I usually wear it by itself or over a dark base, so for swatching purposes I did glitter alone and glitter over black. These are absolutely gorgeous so let's dig right in!

This polish is called 24 Carats. It has long, confetti-like gold glitter and some fine gold glitter.

This is called Back Alley Deals. I am LOVING this color. It's fine, dark purple glitter with hot pink larger glitter. It looks awesome over black. This will probably be my NOTW.

This is my second favor polish of the collection. It has fine, dark blue glitter with large dark purple glitter.

This is Diamond in the Rough. A gunmetal grey with holographic-ish glitter. This is similar to the E.L.F. holiday polish called Metal Madness. The only difference is this has large holographic-ish glitter where the E.L.F. polish has fine glitter.

This is called Cost Is No Issue. It's a turquoise blue fine glitter with large teal glitter. I didn't really like the way this one looked over black. Probably best worn by itself or over a light blue polish.

This is Give Me A Price Quote. This is a brighter yellow fine glitter polish with the confetti-like glitter in it.

This is It's All In The Cut. A fine, lavender glitter with baby pink large glitter. Again, I don't really like how this went on over the black. As you can see, after 2 coats it's pretty opaque on it's own. It would also look nice over a light pink polish.

And the last of the collection is called Rockin' Rubies. It's fine red glitter and large red glitter and is beautiful! This will be perfect for making super sparkly red nails for holiday parties!

I hope you all enjoyed the swatches! I can't wait to see what NOTD you ladies come up with for these polishes!


  1. I love WnW products! you have great swatches here! Your blog is super girly, i love it! New follower here!!

  2. I did the "It's all in the cut" glitter polish with a black base and it looks awesome!