Friday, November 11, 2011

Prize post # 2 :

I posted about my first jewelry prize (here) about 2 weeks ago and mentioned I had a second prize post on it's way. I finally received the package this past Monday! Yay! This contest hosted by GlamMorena  and sponsored by

To win, you had to goto the GoFavor site and pick 3 items totalling $18 or less and comment with them on the MorenaBarbee youtube channel.

Read on to see what I picked!!!

The first item I picked was the Enchanting clear rhinestone snake stud earrings. ($3.99)

The next item I chose was the Vintage owl pendant long chain necklace. ($3.99)

And the last item I chose was Vintage five roses tassels long chain pendant necklace ($3.69)

Overall, I think the items I chose are very cute and the prices are amazing if you're looking for filler items for your jewelry collection.

However, there are a few things I did not like about the products. They are what I'm going to refer to as "ikea jewelry"... Some assembly required. The earrings came with no backs and neither necklace has a clasp. Normally, with long chain necklace that isn't an issue. The Vintage 5 roses necklace though is *not* long enough. It does not fit over my (admittedly abnormally large) head. It gets about half way down and gets stuck! The chain is not able to be taken apart to put a clasp on myself. I'll probably end up giving it to one of my teenage cousins for Christmas. I had a second issue with the rose necklace. When it came in, there were pebbles stuck in the crevices. The kind of colorful pebbles you would use in the bottom of a fish tank. I had to use a butter knife to get them out!

Again, I would recommend this website if you're looking for some inexpensive filler items for your collection.

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