Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Collection : the beginning! (picture heavy)

Good morning beautiful people! It's cold and snowy here, perfect weather for blogging! I got the idea for today's post, from a post on twitter by Lisa at Ms. Prettyful Girl and I loved it. And I totally asked her permission before doing this one likes an idea thief!

Basically what today's post is about is my beauty collection at the beginning. After a year, assuming I'm still blogging, I will follow up and show what my collection has grown into. Now...I've been working on this collection for over a year. I wish I knew then that I would be starting a beauty blog so I could show you ladies what my collection was before this. When I started reading beauty blogs and watching YT videos around August of 2010, all the makeup I owned fit into ONE caboodles (lol..caboodles.) train case with plenty of room to spare. I had 2 Covergirl eyeshadow palettes, a green and a purple one, foundation, pressed powder, a black and a purple eyeliner, mascara and a blush. About a year and a half later...this is my collection.

Most of my makeup is in those 2 sets of drawers. It's grown a lot! It's still not as big, and awesome, as some collections I've seen, but I'm working on it.

Details after the jump!

I have a lot of photos to show you, so I'm just going to get to it.

I got this big, 3-drawer unit at Wal-Mart for about $10.00. I tried to look the actual price up, but the website doesn't have this particular unit listed.

This bottom drawer has random, smaller sized palettes. Mostly Wet N Wild, but I have my naked palette in there and 2 or 3 other Urban Decay palettes.

The middle drawer has my face products. Foundations, primers, concealers, tinted moisturizers, and finishing powders.

And the top drawer has my "cheek products"...Blushes, bronzers, MSF, and facial whips.

My other tower is actually 2 sets of 3-drawers. These are much much smaller than the other set of drawers. I also got these from Wal-Mart and were approximately $5.00 each. I put the pink labels on with every intention of labeling them, but I then realized that I am constantly reorganizing the drawers.

This drawer holds some of my lip glosses. I have 1 MAC lip gloss, some ELF, some NYX, a few by Benefit and a lip stain.

The next drawer up holds the rest of my lip gloss. They are all NYX. I got these on Haute Look last February. There were 22 for $20.00 I believe... or 20 for $22.00. Either way, there's a lot of them.

The next drawer up has some eye products. I keep eyeshadow primers, mascara, eyelash glue, gel liners and liquid liners in here.

This drawer has my single shadows. The color tattoo collection, NYX singles, WnW singles, a MAC shadow, and a Bare Minerals shadow.

I had an empty drawer so I stuck my Too Faced Natural eye and Naked Eye palettes in there.

And the last drawer... Here I keep any loose pigments/eye shadows. I have a few from NYX that I won in a twitter contest and a bunch that I ordered from E-Bay.

The middle drawer in my vanity I use from brushes, spongers, my eyelash curler and falsies. I separated my brushes into groups using baskets from Dollar General. They are 3/$1.00. They are grouped into "Face brushes", "my most used eye brushes", and "other brushes I don't know what to do with".

I keep all of my lipstick in this holder I made. I already did a post about how to make the Birchbox Lipstick Holder. It's all filled up now, so I am going to need to find storage for future purchases.

This is my other D-I-Y project. A glass jar and sand from Dollar General. I initially made it to keep my brushes in, and then I had too many to keep in it. I keep my  liners in here. Eye pencils, jumbo pencils, a glitter stick, and glitter liners.

I used a file separator to store my 3 BH cosmetics palettes, an ELF holiday palette, and the ELF clutch palette that I got for free.

I keep all of my perfumes, lotions, body sprays, hair products and a few other random things on this shelf.

And last photo : my nail polish.

I keep my nail polish collection in this spice rack I bougth for $10.00. It slides down a level to make it accessible!

So that is my collection!  I'm excited to look back a year from now and see how it's grown! So sorry for the extremely photo heavy post! Hope you enjoyed!


  1. Awesome! We actually organize our collections really similarly. I'd love to see swatches of your lipstick collection ;D I only have one NYX lipstick and I don't like the color. I'd like to get more but it seems like I can't judge the actual color on the tube swatch.

  2. Nice collection! A lot more organized than me. My makeup is all over the place!

  3. Nice collection! I was the same way with my caboodle. Only thing I miss now is that was perfect for traveling, I could just grab & go! Nice post.

  4. Hey chickie! Just letting you know I awarded you a blog award today. Check out the post on my blog for more info!

  5. Nice collection! You have it set up very wonderfully